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Minutes from the 2019 Meeting


September 19, 2019 at 0905 hours, President Steve Vermillion called the meeting to order.


Pledge was said.


Steve asked everyone to stay around for a group picture.


Steve announced the New VDA Web page was up and running.

Discussed all of the Reunions. This year was the 17th.  First one was in Atlanta in 2003.

Two were cancelled, 2005  New Orleans, due to Hurricane Katrina, and 2012 Dayton, not enough signed up.  2010 Indianapolis, 5 VDA people joined up with the 369th.


Rich Ziemba commented that the Air Force has information on all missions.  Steve said he would check that information but had been told previously by the National Archives that the 45th Med Co. destroyed their records and nothing was returned to the United States.


Steve talked about a person who contacted him, searching for the Crew that picked him up. He called a few people, and located that crew.

Then Steve introduced the Guest Speaker, John Domina, wounded on April 18, 1970 at FSB Dinh II. Evacuated by Pilot Rob Spitzer and Crew Chief John Sabanosh. John Domina read a prepared statement about being evacuated and thanked John and Rob for being there for his and his wounded buddies.  He presented Rob and John a Purple Heart Challenge Coin.

A few tears!


Kathy read 2018 General Meeting Minutes. And were accepted.


Richard gave treasure report:  after last years reunion $4000. in account. $12,000. before

paying bills for this year’s reunion. Should end with $4000 to $4500.

Jim Dyson and Darrel Jenkins 1st and 2nd, and passed.


Steve talked about the book “Autopsy Of An Unwinnable War: Vietnam” by William Haponski and Jerry Burcham.  A synopsis of the book will be placed on the Association webpage.


Next topic discussed where do we hold our 2020 reunion. 

Dover, DE - Brick Dedication Ceremony, stay on coastal beach, during NASCAR race week, down on track during opening Ceremony

Washington DC

Kansas City, MO

Reno Air Races – 2nd week in September

Savanna, GA

Charleston, SC

Discussed: chose 3 options


Baltimore – bus/drive to DC and Dover  

Kansas City, MO

Reno, NV

Voted to narrow it down to two. Kansas City & Reno were the top two choices with Reno being favored by a small majority by the members present. Dover was deferred to 2021 in order for the memorial bricks to be ordered and received as well as provide a better time  line for planning the event.


Michael Logan will send out and email to vote.  Michael and Kathy will count the votes.


Joe Startt and Dan Watson from VVA Chapter 850  thanked everyone in the room for their service and presented VDA with the United States of America and Dover, Delaware flags that flew over Dover State Capitol on 9-11.  Steve gave the flags to John Sabanosh to be the Keeper of the Flags and to bring them to future reunions.


Richard talked about the tickets to our two events, General Jackson and The Grand Old Opry. Passed out tickets.

Friday:  General Jackson: wear Maroon Dress shirts, and meet in Lobby at 5PM.

Saturday: Grand Ole Opry: wear Maroon Dress shirts and meet in Lobby at 5:30PM.


Check web and respond.


Adjourned at 1115 hours.