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 Minutes of the General Meeting for VDA 2016 Meeting


October 14, 2016 at 0845 hours meeting called to order by President Steve Vermillion.


Steve discussed the tours for the day.  Women were going lunch at Jaco’s Bay Front Bar and Grill then to Blue Morning Gallery downtown Pensacola, and Pensacola Bay Brewery, guided by Tammy Casperson.  Men were going to lunch at the Oar House, and then to the Naval Air Museum. After tours we are to reconvene for dinner at McGuire’s @ 1800 hours.


He asked people to think about where they might like to have next years reunion, and will discuss it in detail after dinner this evening.


Steve thanked Neil and Tammy putting together this years reunion, it is a lot of work!


He also talked about people contacting him from the web page, about 6 – 7 people

per month.


Tom Ross  - Book Privileges of War. Making a movie about the book.  High-end jewelry store in Atlanta.

Phil Marshall – 2nd Book – Steve and Paul are in it.


If anyone interested in writing war stories from Vietnam, send them to Steve, and if we get enough, he will edit and publish a book.


Richard gave a Treasures report. Before meeting around $4800, brought $1500.  With what he took in and paid out should be about $4000 when reunion is done.


Steve talked about our visit tomorrow to the Vietnam Wall, Shelley brother on wall.  Would like to get a group picture.


John Sabanosh gave a quick presentation on going o Dover for next years reunion. Something to think about and will discuss further after dinner.


Recognized Sam Hogget and his Brother, which was killed in Vietnam.


Steve introduced our guest speaker Paul T. Entrekin, a Marine pilot, who was the first person to own and fly a Mig in the US.  Paul has written two books, Mighty Hands and Mr. Mig. Neil Casperson presented Paul a Joe Cline Dustoff helicopter picture.


Tammy Casperson had a drawing for two gifts from her.  Winners were Danny Bucher and Valari O’Brien.


1045   hours adjourned for lunch and tours, reconvene after dinner.


2011 hours   Steve brought meeting back to order.


Kathy Logan talked about the Ladies shirts that she had made from the Bling Bling Barn.  That she would take orders and have additional shirts made if got enough orders.


Discussed meeting in Dover for 2017,  Paul Harpole  First the motion to go to Dover, Alan Walsh and Tom St. Hilaire , second. Motion passed, hoped for late September or first week in October.


Treasury – about breaking even right now.


Asked people to make reservations early, it helps plan restaurants and van rentals.


Paul Harpole suggested we think about going to Amarillo, Texas for 2018 Reunion.

The new Bell Plant is there, and he can get a tour of the plant. Also maybe go up the Angel Fire Memorial in New Mexico, not far from Amarillo.


Saturday morning visit to Wall South from 0900 – 1000, then to Fort Pickens from 1030 – 1200.


Lunch at Flounders Pensacola Beach 1200 until……


Meeting Adjourned at 2110 hours.