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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Minutes from the 2015 Reunion

September 25, 2015 Vietnam Dustoff Reunion

 San Diego, CA



8:18 Steve Vermillion opened the meeting.


8:20 Flag Salute led by Michael Logan.


Took a head count for the Swift Boat Ride planned for Saturday morning.


Steve welcomed everyone to San Diego, and introduced the three guest speakers.


First speaker was Meg Prior, told the story from a soldier perspective from Iraq and Afghanistan, she showed clips from her documentary film and still shots.  She is now going to do a Dustoff documentary around the lives of the Novosel’s.


Second speaker was Alex Graham, spoke about his many medical rejections from the VA. He wrote a book about his 26 years of military paper work and legal processes to finally receive his benefits.


Steve and Mike presented a delayed Purple Heart to Alex Graham from Bruce McCartney.


Third speaker was Lara Ryan from Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. She talked about “Faces on the wall in DC. They are trying to get any information and pictures of soldiers from family and friends that are on the wall to make a virtual wall. 


11:40 Lunch break, meeting to resume after dinner around 8pm.


1:30 toured the USS Midway.


9:19 Steve brought the meeting back to order.


 Last years minutes were read, John Sabanosh 1st and Michael Logan 2nd, and approved.


Richard Dean wanted to split his Treasury duties, he will stay just treasurer, and Michael Logan will take over the membership and reminder duties.

Will send notices on the first of the year then three months, and six months.

Motion passed.


Discussion on where to have next years meeting:  Dover, Maryland, DC, Pensacola, Florida.  Neal and John will work out details and send a presentation to Steve.  Steve will put the details on the web site for members to vote for which place they would like to go.


10:38pm, meeting adjourned>