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Reunion 2022

Colorado Springs, CO

September 20-25, 2022


Our membership voted to go to Colorado Springs, CO for the 2022 reunion.  Planning is well underway for this meeting.  The desire is to have two joint events and open up the agenda for members to tour the sights  on their own or in small groups.  As such we have a scheduled a train, better known as the cog train, that will take us to the top of Pikes Peak to enjoy the scenery and then return us to 'base camp'.

One evening we will have an association dinner gathering so everyone can gather around the table, enjoy a meal together and just talk among ourselves.  We are in the process of selecting a restaurant that will accommodate our group.

The second planned tour is to the Air Force Academy.

A listing of 'favorite places to visit' will be provided as options for people during their free time to break off as individuals or in small groups to go out and see the sights as they prefer to do.

Our agenda will be posted here once we get it relatively finalized.