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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Nashville is our reunion destination for our 2019 Vietnam Dustoff Reunion.  We are looking at arrival in Nashville on Wednesday, September 18th.  We have only scheduled two events for group reservations knowing that people will want to avail themselves of the many music venues, haunts, restaurants, museums and tours that Nashville has to offer. Thursday morning will be our meet and greet combined with our annual business meeting.

 Friday, we have made group reservations for the Grand Ole Opry.  We have 40 seats reserved for the evening performance.  The  General Jackson Showboat dinner and music tour have been scheduled for the evening of  Saturday the 21st.  We initially had 20 seats  reserved and have added more as people made reservations with us.  And we are finding that there never seems to be a bad time to visit Nashville as venues requiring reservations fill very quickly.  This is where you need to be timely.  The Opry filled fast--even this far in advance of our reunion dates.  The General Jackson a bit more slowly but latecomers may be without seating to either or both of these events. 

We can add and delete reservations as we move forward at the Opry provided they are available but you may not be seated with the main group.  On the General Jackson tour, we are committed to whatever we reserve--thus being very conservative on our estimate of how many reservations we can fill.

Our  cutoff date is July 30th.  We will continue to support our membership even at the last minute but we cannot guarantee that seating will be available with our main group.